Meaningful Things You Can Do for Someone Who is Grieving

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Man hugging a woman who is grieving

Life is full of ups and downs. There are moments of success, and then there are moments of failure or grief. But nothing is sadder than a loved one leaving us forever; the loss is an irreparable one.

Memories associated with them are fresh in our minds, and it becomes very tough to let go. Due to this internal pain, stress hormones are released into the body. The effect of these hormones causes an increase in mental distress and instability in the mind, and it becomes tough to overcome these. When someone you know is in grief, their professional life also takes a hit as they are not able to concentrate on their work. However, if you can take some thoughtful actions, it can offer relief to your friend or relative.

Below we have some meaningful things you can do for someone who is grieving, to not only relieve their pain but to also help them lead a normal life.

Stay in Touch With the Person

It is a bitter fact that nothing in the world can take the place of the person who is no more. However, your support and support from friends and family can help your friend overcome this indispensable loss to an extent. The follow-up period after the death of a loved one is a crucial time. During this phase, the bereaved requires the utmost care and attention of their close ones. Therefore, you can try staying connected to them through frequent phone calls and visits. This will help them share thoughts and also divert their mind temporarily.

Keep the Person Physically Active

Help your friend stay physically active by involving them in some activities or tasks. For example, to divert their mind, you can make them participate in household chores such as grocery shopping, cooking, and pet care. Playing outdoor sports with them such as basketball, cricket, etc., can also keep them fit and active. Yoga and meditation are other effective ways to help declutter your friend’s mind and cope in adverse situations.

Connect the Person With Nature

Nature and fresh air revitalize and calm a person. Taking your buddy outside the house for a long walk or a long drive can ease their feeling of isolation and sadness. Besides, activities such as gardening and watering the plants also soothe their mind and generate positive energy.

Help to Commemorate the Deceased

Memorialize the person who is no more. You can make him write a poem in memory of the deceased or even get a photograph of them together framed. This reflects the love and affection towards the deceased and helps your pal and their relatives recall the good memories they shared.

Listen More, Talk Less

The loss of a loved one leaves people devastated. Sometimes the most meaningful thing you can do for someone who is grieving is give them complete space to talk freely and express their thoughts. All your pal needs is a patient and calm listener. Sometimes just listening can provide significant relief to the individual.

Deliver Some Thoughtful Tokens

Losing a person close to your heart is the hardest thing to overcome. Nothing can compensate for it. However, sending some thoughtful tokens to your friend in the form of food or flowers along with a message note showing care and love depicts emotional gestures for them.


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