12 Ways To Celebrate A Lost Loved One’s Life

A woman holding a photograph of her late husband.

The pain that comes with losing someone is a feeling that never quite goes away. Sometimes, they’re so overwhelming that it makes you feel helpless and lost. Though you can’t bring back your loved ones, you can still honor them by celebrating who they were. We’ve put together a list of 12 ways to celebrate a lost loved one’s life — one for each month of the year.


1. Find a Memento 

One of the best ways to remember someone is to hold on to something that belonged to them. It could be a letter, jewelry that you associate with them, a beloved jacket, or even a favorite book.

Every time you look at this memento, you can recall cherished memories and celebrate your loved one’s life. 


2. Memorial Jewelry

During the Victorian era, the concept of memorial jewelry used to be quite popular. Today, you can create jewelry with your loved one’s ashes or even craft an engraved locket with a picture tucked inside. 


3. Keep It Framed

Whether it’s a poem, a letter, or even a recipe, framing and hanging up their handwriting is a great way to remember and appreciate the person your loved one was.  


4. Imbibe Their Values

Reflect on what made your loved ones special and the values that made them who they were. By adopting these values in yourself, you can continue to carry the legacy of your loved one.  


5. Have a Meal with Them

Set a place for your loved ones and sit down to have a meal with them. This could be an excellent opportunity to reminisce and reflect on their lives while also allowing yourself to process your feelings.  


6. Achieve a Life Goal

Fulfilling a goal your loved one couldn’t achieve could be a great way to honor them. It doesn’t have to be a big goal and can be something simple, like learning to knit. 


7. Do Something They Enjoyed 

Whether it’s listening to their favorite song or visiting a place they frequented, surrounding yourself with something they loved is a wonderful way to honor them.


8. Make a Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook to preserve their memories and remember who they were. Feel free to keep adding inside jokes, memorabilia, and more.


9. Become a Volunteer

Honor the legacy of your loved one by volunteering at a not-for-profit organization, helping charities raise funds, or even donating. 


10. Pay Tribute

Organize an annual event in memory of your lost loved one. This is also a great way to encourage other people to keep them in their thoughts. 


11. Hold a Memorial Service

Connect with other people by holding a vigil or planning an online memorial service. This way, you can remember all the different sides of your loved one.


12. Write a Poem

They say writing is a powerful tool you can use to process your emotions and express yourself. Your poem doesn’t have to be good or shared with other people; it can just be for you. 

Bear in mind that everybody copes with loss and grief differently. While some of the above methods may work for you, they might not for someone else.


We hope this list of 12 ways to celebrate a lost loved one’s life helps you, and always remember that you are not alone. At Found and Sons Funeral Chapels Cremation Service, we offer grief and healing services to help you process your loss.