13 Ways To Celebrate the Life of Someone After Their Gone

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10 Ways To Celebrate the Life of Someone After Their Gone

#1: Visit their favorite place. Dedicate a road trip or a day trip to it, or simply go for a walk on a trail or at a park that reminds you of them.

#2: Host an annual dinner on their birthday. Everyone can get together and share memories and laughs and tears and everything in between.

#3: Visit their final resting place. You don’t have to make it complicated, sometimes you just want to connect to that 


#4: Write a letter to them. Writing letters is one of the best ways to let go of the weight of grief

#5: Frame a poem or piece of art they created. You can frame their obituary, a note they wrote to you, a poem they wrote, a quote they lived by, a clipping of something they were featured in.

#6: Share your favorite stories about them. Those we love live on through our stories. Keep sharing them.

#7: Prepare one of their favorite meals or their recipes. Cooking is another great way to move through grief when we feel stuck.

#8: Light a sky lantern in honor of them. Sky lanterns are traditionally used to connect to the spirit world, so try your hand at lighting and releasing one into the sky.

#9: Read their favorite book or watch their favorite movie. This is a great rainy or winter day activity to connect to your loved one and the life they lived.

#10: Get involved in things they cared about. Whether they were a hiking enthusiast or a pet lover, find a way to connect to what they connected to in their life.

#11: Re-watch their tribute video or slideshow. Save the tribute video or slideshow the funeral home made for them and watch it every year or whenever you miss them.

#12: Say a prayer for them. Whether you are religious or spiritual, prayers are still on the top of the list for the most direct ways to connect to and bless those who have passed.

#13: Catch a sunrise or sunset in honor of them. They say sunrise and sunset are the best times to meditate and connect spiritually. 

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