6 Funeral Service Terms That Need To Change

Posted on September 6, 2022 by Andy under Uncategorized
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#1: Undertaker
The only thing worse, then the outdated word “undertaker” is the image our society conjures up around that word. We prefer Funeral Directors.

#2: Clients
Who wants to be called a “client” when you just lost someone you loved? Or worse, who wants their beloved who passed to be called a client? No one. Here at Found and Sons we prefer Family.

#3: Coffin
People aren’t monsters, reminds us of undertaker. Much more appropriate terms, Casket, final resting place.

#4: Ashes
A human body may turn to ashes when it’s cremated, but it’s not just ashes. It’s the loved one. The form may change, but let’s have some common sense and sensitivity here.

#5: Corpse
There are no corpses there are the remains of a loved one, of a family member. Everyone person that comes to Found and Sons is a person and we are honored to work with their families to help them through this process.

#6: Funeral Industry
There’s a lot of sensitivity around the terms Funeral Industry. Mostly because industry refers to a more consumerist mindset, and funeral professionals really don’t like to be seen as Salesmen. Instead, they see themselves as a service provider of something important and genuine.

At Found and Sons we have always believed in a Family first culture. If we can help anyway contact us at www.FoundandSons.com

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