Honoring The Fallen Officers of Fredericksburg, VA

In the Fall of 2017, Fredericksburg Police Chief David Nye came to Found and Sons of Fredericksburg to inquire about have a memorial built in honor of the fallen police officers of the Fredericksburg Police Department. Chief Nye and Captain Purcell were hands on and involved throughout the almost 8 month process. Monument Counselor and Funeral Assistant, Jeremy Grimes, assisted with the design of the memorial and arranged for the foundation, walkway, landscaping, and delivery.

The names of people and businesses that donated to the cost of the memorial.

The monument and its 7 pieces weighed close to 4 tons. The right and left wings and 4 bases were made out of Rockville granite while India Black was used for the central piece. The height of the monument is 9 feet and it is 12 feet long.

Companies instrumental in bringing the project to a successful conclusion were Christiana Karsky with Cold Springs Granite for the monument fabrication and delivery, Chris Iannarelli with All Seasons Landscaping and Irrigation for the foundation installation, walkway and accent lighting, Paul with Coleman Motor Company for offloading the delivered parts of the monument and later hoisting each piece in place, Burt Bugoney engineering for the required  structural engineering of the foundation, DJ Smith of DJ’s Stoneworks and Engraving for engraving walkway bricks, and Riverside Bricks for getting the bricks onsite.

Pictured from left to right: Detective Alexandra Tittle, Officer Jennifer Moore, Officer Joseph Young, Officer Donald “Lee” Ridenour, Sergeant Rashawn Cowles
Pictured from left to right: Captain Purcell, Funeral Director Raymond Rhodes, Funeral Assistant and Monument Counselor Jeremy Grimes, Funeral Director Julie Found, Chief Nye
It was an honor for us to be a part of this project. We would like to thank Chief Nye and Captain Purcell for contacting us and trusting us in helping create something monumental for the town of Fredericksburg. This memorial shall stand to honor the fallen officers of Fredericksburg for years to come.

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