Veteran Burials – What You Need to Know

Veteran Burials – What You Need to Know


It’s the time of year when all Americans observe and honor our brave veteran heroes. If there’s anything we know about Culpeper and Fredericksburg families, it’s how patriotic they are! For the family members and friends of these U.S. veterans, Veterans Day is especially meaningful. And for all of us, Veterans Day renews a deep appreciation for all American veterans who have honorably served or are currently serving our great country.

Veteran’s Funeral


At ­­­­Found and Sons Funeral Chapels & Cremation Service, we make honoring our veterans a priority, and we wish to help you plan a respectful funeral. We want our veterans and their family members to know when it comes to memorializing a soldier’s life, he or she deserves only the best.


Most veterans know they can be buried in one of the 135 national cemeteries, with available space. In order to prepare, presenting your discharge papers is a very important part of establishing your eligibility in these cemeteries. However, many veterans wish to be buried close to their family and friends in their hometown in a private cemetery. For veterans from Culpeper and Fredericksburg, our qualified staff is ready to plan a respectful military service for our local heroes.


During a military funeral service, military men and women will honor the veteran with a burial flag and Presidential Memorial Certificate. The burial flag is generally given to next of kin. The U.S. government will provide the headstone or marker, and some veterans are even entitled to burial allowances, meaning partial reimbursement of an eligible veteran’s burial and funeral costs.


An important step in planning a veteran’s funeral is choosing the best way to pay tribute to your loved one’s life. At Found and Sons, we offer many special touches to help you personalize the service, including tribute videos, personalized printing, memorial websites, flowers, and specifically for veterans, a flag presentation with a 21-rifle salute.


We can help you through all these arrangement steps and find out exactly what you are entitled to while planning a funeral for a veteran. We work with these wonderful families often and know the process well. For more information, you can go to, or call our funeral homes at any time.

Personalization: Show What Made Your Loved One Special

At family-owned Found and Sons Funeral Chapels & Cremation Service, we believe every life in Culpeper and Fredericksburg represents a unique story. When it comes time to say goodbye to your loved one, our goal is to help you tell their own story in the most meaningful, personal way possible. Our trained staff – led by the Found family – will spend time with you, listen to their story and your needs and wishes, and then help you celebrate what made your friend or family member so memorable.

You’d be amazed at what we can do.

And creating a personal farewell doesn’t have to be expensive. We can help you create a service that is meaningful, yet affordable. Personalization really is all about honoring what your loved one stood for and valued. If your mother loved her garden, we can hand out seeds of her favorite flower for guests to plant in their gardens at home. If your father was a proud Irishman, “Danny Boy” can be played on the bagpipes at the burial. We can arrange for a balloon or dove release as well. At Found and Sons, there are so many ways to celebrate your loved one.

One of the most popular ways to honor a loved one is with a video tribute. You present us with special pictures, home videos, or favorite songs, and we can make a touching video paying tribute to your loved one. During such a difficult time, it is important to remember the happy times and the beautiful memories that you made together.


Don’t forget that personalization when making prearrangements is also a way for you to express your own story. Imagine your loved one’s delight and surprise when they hear your favorite book quoted during your service or your favorite song played graveside. These little touches are what will stay in your family’s hearts forever – one more way for you to leave your mark. Our preplanning specialists can make this happen.


The experienced, compassionate team at Found and Sons is here to help in any way we can, and we will make sure you or your loved one’s personality shines through the funeral service. We hope you’ll reach out to us for more information or to tour our facilities at any time.

Funeral Service Options; What is Best for my Loved One?

Four Types of Funeral Ceremonies


Planning a funeral involves many personal decisions concerning how you or your loved one wish to be laid to rest. We often hear questions from the Culpeper and Fredericksburg families we serve about the major differences between the funeral options we offer and what will fit best for their wishes, traditions, preferences, and budget. The team at Found and Sons Funeral Chapels & Cremation Service is always ready with the answers to those questions, and we can walk you through each decision. So, what are some of the most common questions we hear when it comes time to plan a service? Here are a few:


  1. What is a graveside service?

A graveside service is a service held at the site of burial. It is typically a brief service where family and friends can say their final goodbyes. In most cases, the casket or urn is present. Friends and family gather at the site, a eulogy is delivered, and the service is concluded with a committal and a prayer said over the grave. The term committal refers to the body of the deceased being entrusted to the ground. Graveside services are most often held following a funeral service.


  1. What is a funeral service?

At a funeral service the casketed remains are present, and the service is typically held soon after death occurs. Generally, the funeral service is held in a church setting or funeral h

ome, but services may also be held in the home or a place that holds special meaning. During the service, clergy, family,

and friends may choose to speak about the deceased and the life that was lived. Commemorating the loved one is also an important part of the funeral service. Memory tables, photo boards, tribute videos, special music, and personal clothing

can be used to communicate the unique personality of the loved one in a dignified way.


  1. What is a memorial service?

A memorial service is a service where there are no casketed remains, but in some cases, an urn may be present. Memorial services are usually held in the funeral home. Because the body of the loved one is not present, a memorial service does not need to be held within several days of the death and can be delayed to meet the needs of the family. Like a funeral service, a memorial service presents many opportunities to commemorate the loved one through the use of personalization options, flowers, or vehicles.


  1. What is scattering?

Scattering refers to a meaningful act of disposing the cremated remains in such a way that it can represent a permanent oneness with an important place. Scattering in a river, lake, at sea, over mountains, farms, and even golf courses are not uncommon – provided a permit can be secured and that local and state laws are followed. Found and Sons can help you coordinate the scattering and advise you of any local ordinances prohibiting scattering. Many cemeteries offer “scattering gardens” with the added benefit of memorialization. A scattering urn is especially designed to hold the cremated remains until the scattering ceremony, or it can be used as a memento or keepsake afterwards. Be sure to consult your clergy as some religions will permit cremation but not allow scattering.


Whether you are planning for immediate need now or preplanning for the future, know that we are here for you 24 hours a day to answer your questions. If you do not find your answers here or on our website, you can always reach out to us for the help and answers you need.

Q & A – What are My Options for Final Disposition?

Q&A – What Are My Options for Final Disposition?

One of the most important decisions you will make when it comes time to plan a funeral for someone you love, or for yourself when preplanning, is choosing a final resting place – or final disposition option. For most Culpeper and Fredericksburg families, there are many preferences, cultural elements, and religious requirements that can go into such a decision, and the team at Found and Sons Funeral Chapels and Cremation Service can help you determine your options. To help you get started, here is a Q&A to guide you through some of the most common choices available.

Q. How do I choose among the many kinds of caskets available?

A. That decision is highly personal and may be determined by preference and/or by budget. A variety of woods and metals are used in the construction of caskets, and the choice of styles is practically limitless. Our funeral professionals can guide you through the many selections available.

Q. If I choose cremation, is a casket required?

A. That depends upon your wishes. Even when you choose cremation, you can still have a traditional viewing prior to cremation, and you would need a casket for that purpose. If you choose to not have a viewing, then a casket is not required.

Q. What is a burial vault or grave liner?

A. These are both containers into which the casket is placed. A burial vault is made of very sturdy materials – concrete, steel, copper, bronze, or fiberglass, for example. A grave liner is also very sturdy but is a more lightweight version of a burial vault. The purpose of each is to keep the grave surface from sinking.


Q. What are alternatives to grave burial?

A. A casket, or cremated remains in an urn, may be placed in a building called a mausoleum. Most mausoleums are large and provide crypts to hold casketed remains and niches to hold cremated remains in an urn. Both crypts and niches are sealed once the remains are placed inside. Urns are sometimes placed in a columbarium, which may be located in a mausoleum or chapel. A columbarium is composed of several small compartments designed specially to hold urns. We invite you to come to our selection room to see the options you have at Found and Sons.

Q. Are there other alternatives available to cremated remains?

A. Yes. Some people keep the remains in their home, in a special urn. Many cemeteries provide designated scattering gardens for ashes. If permitted by local regulations, you may scatter remains in a place that is meaningful to you – at sea, for example.
While your memorial options are many and vary, the team at Found and Sons Funeral Chapels and Cremation Services knows that there is one that is perfect for you or your loved one. Contact us today, and we will help you discover which one it is.